About Us

Delight Softies Manufacturing Enterprise is a fully BEE owned company

Who We Are?

What We Do for You?

Delight soft is a toilet paper,garage rolls manufacturing company based in Limpopo,Polokwane we strive to provide a leading range of products that will improve the state of hygiene across Southern Africa and we make sure to deliver with excellence and integrity

Strategy and Vision

Vision Statement

Honesty and integrity are the foundation from which we operate. We take our responsibility seriously and always strive to do the right thing for the benefit of our customers, employees and communities in which we live in and work to prosper.

Our Products

We manufacture SABS approved tissue Our products range from toilet rolls of all ply's you can find in the market, We work closely to our customers's specification in order to meet their needs at all cost. We use the latest technology to produce high standard of tissue at all times, We Produce 2ply 350 Sheets, 2ply 200 Sheets, 1ply 500 Sheets, Recycled 500 Sheets, Garage Rolls and Kitchen Towels.

Our Markets

The market is every body that needs the products for themselves, their business or for resale.