CEO Message

Delight Softies Manufacturing Enterprise is a fully BEE owned company

Word from the Founder

Reflecting on the Company

When i look back how we started,how we progressed and where we are, how we progressed and where we are progressing,i feel proud of what we have made here at delight softies. we are still young,experiencing, learning and ambitious, We started with nothing but worked our way up till where we are today.Back then our name was unfamiliar to even our own ears, now we're established enough to proudly say "We are Delight softies manufacturing enterprise"

We have faced huge challenges but have learned very important fact about ourselves, "Simply we can almost do anything if we really want to"

In the early months of Delight softies,i have learned that great organizations are made of great people,It is a privilege and i am honoured to work with my team at Delight Softies,without them working together, we would have never reached where we stand right now,I will not speak much here about our capabilities and qualifications, but personally I am sure that i command one of the best technical,professional and well educated team.